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Bill's Cafe, Naples
6 Week Trivia Tournament
947 3rd Ave N, Naples, FL 34102

Congratulations Finalists

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All teams must reserve a spot between 11am Wednesday and Friday 11am. Click the reservation link. The link will not be available until 11am on Wednesday and it will disappear on Friday. Do not call the diner for a reservation.


You will receive a confirmation with your team number. Each week a new reservation must be made. NO EXCEPTIONS. Reservations are 1st come 1st serve.  NO EXCEPTIONS  Arrive on the reserved date by 6:30pm. If you need to cancel your reservation you must do so by that week’s deadline, via the cancelation button above.

A NO SHOW will result in disqualification from the tournament. Bring your confirmation email with you and check the website for your team in the posted seating diagram. You will be assigned a seat. No seat changes will be allowed.

NO NOTEBOOKS – You will be supplied with scratch paper


Teams will be added at Noon to the roster.


We will not allow any disputes or challenges over answers. The answer the host has is the answer that will be accepted. Anyone arguing or disrupting the flow of the game will be grounds for disqualification


Anyone caught using their phone will be disqualified.    HAVE FUN!


Here’s How it Works

Grab your friends - 4 players on a team (max). We have space for 8 teams of 4 and 2 teams of 2. 3 teams will be seated outside. Special circumstances. If outside teams get rained out we may have to split into 2 games.


We will allow 1 sub per team during weeks 1-5. For teams of 4- 3 of the 4 original team players must be present during weeks 1-6. Up to 4 players can play on each team in week 6.


Only members of your team may sit at your table.


This tournament will begin on July 23rd and will end on August 27th.


You will be assigned a number at the beginning of the tournament. You may enter at any time but once you enter be sure you and your team-mates remember your tournament number and put it on your round 1 answer sheet along with your team name for each and every  game you play during the tournament.

The Top 9 or 10 Teams (depending on size) with the most points will compete on August 27th for the grand prize. (This does not interfere with regular trivia).




The team that wins the overall tournament on August 27th wins $700.00 cash

2nd Place will win $200.00 Cash

3rd Place will win $100.00 gift card

Each week a $25.00 gift card will be given to the highest scoring non -tournament team, if all the attending teams are in the tournament we will draw for a winner. (If all the seats are not taken)

How points are collected


Get Points each week you attend for weeks 1-5.

3 points just for showing up - All members must be present at the start of the game      

Additional points each week; 5 points for 1st place  - 4 points for 2nd place - 3 points for 3rd place     2 points for 4th place     1 points for 5th place


Track points- Totals will be posted by noon on Saturday. (Below Chart)

You are welcome to "jump in" during the 5 qualifying weeks. If we have room.

The total points you accumulate prior to the 6th week will be your starting score on week 6. 

The team with the most points at the end of week 6 will be the 1st place winner.

We will be doing our regular trivia format on week’s 1-5.

We will be doing double points and a 3 part wager for the finale. You must play in the finale to win. 



*There are no exclusions to who can participate other than the tournament host, Chris,  and the owners of Spotlight Entertainment of SWFL. , JR and Denise Ussery. They will be the only ones who will have access to the questions and answers prior to each game.

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