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Here’s How it Works -  Grab your friends- 6 players on a team max.

Rules and Format

Teams may not sit with each other. Only members of your team may sit at your table.

This tournament will begin on June 5th and will end on August 28th.

You will be assigned a number at the beginning of the tournament. You may enter at any time but once you enter be sure to remember your tournament number and put it on your round 1 answer sheet along with your team name every game you play during the tournament.

The Top 12 Teams with the most points will compete on August 28th for the grand prize. (This does not interfere with regular trivia).


The last week in June the team with the most points wins $100.00 cash

The last week in July the team with the most points accumulated during July wins $100.00 cash

The team that wins the overall tournament on August 28th wins $500.00 cash

2nd Place will win a $25.00 Gift Card

3rd will receive a $10.00 GC

All teams are eligible for the speed round prize and the "round winner prizes.

How points are gathered.

Get Points each week until the last week.

5 points just for showing up (Must be present for at least 5 out of six rounds)         10 points for 1st place    8 points for 2nd place

6 points for 3rd place     4 points for 4th place     2 points for 5th place

Track points- 

You are welcome to "jump in" during the 11 qualifying weeks. Everyone in the tournament is "even up" on the event finale.



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Congrats to A Few Men And A Lady

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